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Ministry of Higher Education

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical & Electronics engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. It is an exciting field that has been on the cutting edge of technology for more than a century. Electrical & Electronics engineers design, develop, build and test electrical and electronics devices such as high definition television, embedded computer systems, solar power generators, microprocessor chips, electronic amplifiers, laser sources, robots and intelligent systems. Electrical & Electronics engineering majors learn the physics of electricity and magnetism; mathematics of circuits and systems; and engineering tools of analysis and design. They are trained in the design and manufacture of economical and safe products that enhance the quality of life of human beings.

Higher National Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering provides Electrical & Electronics engineers for the local and international industry. HND in Electrical & Electronics engineering is a 3 ½ years full time course with suitable industrial visits. Students have chance to gain experience from a 6 months industrial training after 2 years (4 semesters) academic period. The Electrical & Electronics engineering students are given the opportunity to make the professional path in their chosen option at the 3rd semester (1st semester of 2nd year). Electrical & Electronics Engineering is divided into three sub options in HNDE program.

Electrical Power Engineering

Is mainly concerned about the heavy current and power application of electricity, generation transmission, distribution and utilization designing and installation of power electronics, Electricity supply, Electrical mechanics, utilization of electrical Energy, microprocessor based systems and project.

Electronic Engineering

It is concerned with aspects of electronics and communication technology. Mainly communication principles, Audio & TV, Micro processor fault diagnosis, stereophonic transmission and reception.

Hardware & Networking Engineering

The field concerned with inter networking service requirements for switched telephone networks and developing the required hardware and software, the design and management of computer networks, developing telecommunications network topologies are also concerned in this field.