The Mahapola Scholarship

The awarding of the Mahapola scholarship is handled by the Mahapola Scholarship trust fund, a division of the Ministry of Trade. Payment registers for the Mahapola Scholarship are prepared by SLIATE. Payment of balance installments, stoppage of installments, restitution of installments and other related matters are to be decided by the Mahapola Trust Fund.

The Mahapola scholarship payment will be made only to the fulltime students registered to follow Diploma courses. Only nine (09) installments will be paid for an academic year. The students who do not collect three (03) installments at a stretch will have their installments discontinued.

In order to be eligible for the Mahapola scholarship, the following conditions should be fulfilled.

  • The scholarship recipient will receive the monthly installments on the recommendation of SLIATE depending on the progress of the academic activities.
  • A maximum of 09 installments for an academic year will be paid for the duration of the course.
  • In order to be eligible for the receipt of installments, students should be engaged in fulltime courses and those who do not attend courses will not be eligible to receive monthly installments.
  • If a student fails to obtain an installment, it will be considered as an installment that has been abandoned and such installments will not be paid again.
  • After accepting the scholarship, it will not be possible to change the course. Institute and it will not be possible even to receive any other scholarship.
  • If a scholarship recipient changes the course or ceases to follow the course or gains employment, such cases will lead to the cancellation of the scholarship.
  • Deferment of a course requires prior permission from the authority concerned. Permission will be granted for a maximum of one-year postponement.
  • It is necessary to attend lectures, tutorials and practical sessions and if not, the payment of installments will be stopped and action will be taken accordingly.
  • Increase of income as a result of getting employment or engaging in business will also result in the discontinuation of the payment of installments.
  • To obtain the Mahapola scholarship payment, eligible students must open a savings account at a licensed commercial bank and need to inform the Accountant of the relevant Institute.
  • The final decision on scholarships and payment of installments rests are with the Mahapola Trust Fund.